Best Sunday Lunch Bristol

best sunday lunch in bristol

Being an incredible city, Bristol is known for its iconic music scene, renowned suspension bridge, as well as street art. However, in recent times Bristol has become famous as the home to some of the finest eateries in the United Kingdom. It might be the fact that you are arriving in the city on a Sunday since you’d like to beat the crowded weekends.

Many hotels here provide Sunday lunches at their personal eateries, and this will be a fantastic way to become fuelled up and get prepared to explore the city. Ask anyone living in Bristol and they will tell you there are plenty of fantastic restaurants that will serve you the best Sunday lunch in Bristol.


Where To Get The Best Sunday Lunch in Bristol

1. The River Grille

Featuring exquisite wooden floorings, lofty dimensions, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, this particular eatery is among the most sophisticated dining sites in Bristol. It is reputed for its vibrant ambience, exquisite setting, and also the fantastic steaks.

The guests will have the opportunity of listening to live piano on Sunday lunchtimes and Friday evenings, along with a jazz trio on the Saturday evenings. Consequently, it is quite easy to assert that The River Grille is one of the best eateries in Bristol at present.

The menus of this restaurant exhibit the best seasonal ingredients which have been sourced locally and also deliciously prepared. Highlights consist of seafood as well as fresh fish plus scrumptious steaks prepared from West Country beef.

2. The Ox Bristol

Being concealed within a basement, this restaurant can be considered to be a stronghold of top-notch and simple British fare. Located at the core of the Old City, you will come across a menu which is full of excellent cuts of delicious steak as well as meaty and tasty morsels.

According to their chefs, these steaks are second to none in the city and once you have savoured one which has been cooked in their oven, you will definitely agree to this. As a matter of fact, The Ox Bristol had been selected as the 47th best eatery in the United Kingdom in the year 2015.

3. Second Floor at Harvey Nichols

Second Floor at Harvey Nichols can be considered to be the appropriate place to relish a delicious lunch, a generous dinner, or afternoon tea. Situated at Harvey Nichols’ top floor in Bristol, this eatery provides panoramic views of the skyline of the city.

Apart from this, it likewise provides an extensive wine list which features in excess of 40 varieties and every single of these has been selected perfectly for complementing the recipes on offer. Louise McCrimmon, the head chef, serves the food proudly with a genuine character which is reputed for its well-defined flavours and lightness of touch.

4. The Cowshed

The Cowshed is responsible for bringing the flavor of the countryside to Bristol. The most essential thing about this eatery will be to know where and how the food is being produced. They primarily emphasize the quality of the production methods or farming as well as the ethics of the grocer, supplier, or breeder.

This restaurant was founded when there was a need for an eatery in the Bristol market that would be able to serve good quality and simple British food within a relaxed environment. Its owner Adam Denton always focuses on top-quality local produce and The Cowshed came into being after lots of research and location hunting.

The Cowshed always tries to change and improve their offerings according to the demand. Their specialty is their steaks and you will be able to select your preferred cut, sides, and sauce and prepare your personal meal. Apart from the meat, you will also come across a good selection of mouthwatering fish as well as vegetarian recipes plus a delicious range of desserts.

5. Thornbury Castle

This eatery situated at Thornbury Castle is known to provide lots of contemporary and internationally-inspired recipes along with a few conventional favorites. And the good thing is that all the dishes will be using only the freshest as well as finest ingredients which have been locally sourced.

The restaurant can boast of having as many as 3 dining rooms each of which is baronial when it comes to style along with open fires, heraldic shields, and panelled walls. Going here is one of the things to do in Bristol for kids.

6. Hotel Du Vin Bristol – Bistro Du Vin

This restaurant situated at Hotel Du Vin has been motivated by French home-style cooking and is known to serve robust simple dishes. These dishes consist of comte cheese souffle as well as steak fries which are 28-day dry-aged.

While you have your lunch on a Sunday at this restaurant, you’ll be attended by a friendly staff that will be happy to explain the ingredients, the dishes, and how they have been put together by the talented chefs. The decor consists of soft lighting, comfy chairs, restored fireplaces, as well as dark-stained floorboards which help to create a cozy and relaxed ambiance.

7. The Grain Barge

Being situated in a fantastic location in Hotwells, this particular restaurant is full of character. Here, you’ll come across 3 decks which provide fantastic views over the harbor, which makes it an appropriate place for relaxing and passing your time.

The historic transformed barge has become one of the friendliest drinking and eating experiences in Bristol. The menu which is being updated on a regular basis consists of fresh and locally sourced organic ingredients along with a fantastic array of craft beers which will be able to entertain any visitor out there. Moreover, different types of events including comedy and live music are being hosted by the Hold Bar which makes it a perfect site for any private party.

8. The Square Kitchen

The Square Kitchen is a contemporary British eatery which is located on the attractive Berkeley Square quad. The eatery is known to serve innovative and forward-thinking food with an emphasis on locally sourced produce.

Aidan Fisher, the head chef, along with his team is known to provide a selection of exquisite recipes uncompromising on flavour. They can boast of bringing out the best in their ingredients which include pork tenderloin which has been wrapped in Parma ham and served with belly celeriac. Apart from this, you will also come across delicious chocolate lava cake together with Bristol Cream Sherry and fig ice-cream.