Pubs in Bristol

pubs in bristol

Bristol is known for its nightlife for a long. You can find a large number of places in Bristol where you can enjoy your life at night including all types of bars, huge clubs with the best DJs, comedy nights, exciting speakeasies, as well as karaoke and magic bars in this city. The information provided here under can help you to know about the pubs in Bristol more closely.

History of pubs in Bristol

Though it is not known when the first pub was opened in Bristol still this city has several historical pubs. Some of these pubs were established almost 800 years back in the 13th century. And if you’re living in Bristol, exploring historic pubs is one of the joys.

Some of these historic pubs have stopped working whereas some are still active today but the drinks they serve may not be the same that were served when they were established. Some pubs serve up the best Sunday lunches in Bristol too.

Oldest pubs and inns in Bristol

The Rummer Hotel

This one of the oldest pubs in Bristol was established over 800 years ago in the 1200s. Since then it has continuously worked and flourished as a famous public house and inn in this city. However, it was rebuilt in the 18th century.

According to the history of this hotel, this premise has the oldest license which was issued in 1241. At that time, Green Lattis was the name of this premise which was changed after its reconstruction.

Some of the important historical events of Bristol were hosted in The Rummer situated in All Saints Lane. In 1742 the first coach from London was sent to this destination. It was the time when this hotel was being reconstructed. Visiting is one of the educational things to do in Bristol for kids.

The Hatchet Inn

The history of this public place is very weird. Everyone in this city knows it as a haunted place. According to local people, the front door of this inn has a layer of human skin under the layer of tar and paint on it. Originally this in was established in 1606, almost 410 years back. It was the period when Bristol played the main role in the sea-trade of the UK. The axes used in Clifton Wood by woodsmen were the base of naming this inn.

Thus the pub was famous as a ring for fighting cocks during the 18th Century. Later on, it became a venue for bare-knuckle boxing which later on produced several local champions like Henry Pearce, Benjamin Brain, and Jem Belcher, etc.

Today this pub is owned by Butcombe Brewery and has been listed as a Grade II pub because of its focus on plant-based traditional drinks. Its dark history helps in drawing a large number of vegan tourists every year.

The Ostrich Inn

It is supposed that The Ostrich Inn was built in 1745 and was liked by the merchants, sailors, and dockside workers because of its location on the side of the harbor.

The Llandoger Trow

Though this historical pub is closed today, since 1664 it was popular among the revelers on King Street. It is supposed that the Admiral Benbow Inn described by Robert Louis Stevenson in Treasure Island was inspired by this inn.

It is also supposed that Daniel Defore and Alexander Selkirk met in this inn and got inspired to create Robinson Crusoe.

It is believed that this pub was haunted like several other old pubs in Bristol and 15 ghosts were supposed to be seen there. In April this year, this pub was put on sale after closing it finally.

Where to find the best pubs in Bristol

You can find a wide variety of the best night clubs and pubs in Bristol ranging from hen nights for brides-to-be, student nights as well as Friday night to do certain fun things in Bristol.

You can also find nightclubs in Bristol that can provide everything from drums to sound systems to those who love music so that they can use them as they want. You can also find a place to enjoy yourself with your friends in a cozy and calm corner of a pub in Bristol.

To start finding pubs of your choice you can start from King Street where you can find several historic inns, fine jazz pubs, and microbreweries. If you are students then lively nightclubs and bars on The Triangle, Gloucester Road, Stokes Croft, and Park Street can be the right places for you to explore.

Thus there are several nightclubs and pubs in Bristol. Some of Bristol’s popular pubs are briefly reviewed here under to help you in choosing the best one for you.

Popular pubs in Bristol

The Cornubia

This pub is popular for the real ale it serves. In 2010, it was taken over by Jakki and Phil, landlords who won the CAMRA award. It has increased the popularity of this pub to the next level. It is one of the best pubs in Bristol for pub lovers as it has been decorated with the clips of old pumps and funky flags.

The Bell

This pub was extensively treated as an institute of pub lovers in Bristol. It is situated on Hillgrove Street just away from the main street where independent stores, cafes, and bars are found in this region. Since long it is used for various types of purposes including a modest community pub, a popular hangout of pre-club drinkers on weekends, and a meeting place for local DJs, musicians, and other artists.

The Bag of Nails

It has been considered as the best establishment of Bristol that serves real ale. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most unusual pubs in Bristol because of its cat lover, self-supporting and unconventional owner, Luke Daniels. He is notoriously dedicated to real ale. You will love everything about this pub in Bristol.

The White Bear

You will not like to miss this pub situated on the steep heights of St. Michael’s Hill. The front wall of the first floor of this pub has been created as the life-size structure of a white bear to justify its name. This venue is owned by Julian Smith, a legendary promoter of the club. At night this pub wakes up and becomes a party destination by flowing tequila and putting away the table of the pool.